About BOOT


What is BOOT?

BOOT is a special foundation that was started years ago by a group of deliberate Indian Hills parents for the benefit of this great school. Boot stands for BUY OUR OWN TECHNOLOGY and was originally established to buy new computers for school. Over the years this program has evolved and expanded and has allowed our school to fund special programs and distribute income according to the needs of our students and school, as approved by the BOOT Board.

Call To Action

Please support your students and
the academic traditions of this great school.

Gift Cards

The Holiday season is coming up… get a head start on your gift list, and support BOOT with just a few clicks!

Your purchase of gift cards help fund science, art, field trips and classroom supplies for our students yet cost you nothing more. Thank you for supporting our BOOT foundation at Indian Hills Elementary.

gift-cardClick to Purchase $25 Gift Cards

Choose from: Babinski’s, East West Connection, Taqueria 27, MacCool’s Public House, Trailside Dry Cleaners

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Choose from: Dan’s, Fresh Market, Harmon’s, Smiths